Brandon Inniss

In August 2011, a mentor-coach with an operational nightly maintenance class A janitorial company invites me to Philadelphia to see his company complete the post-construction cleaning of 2 schools in New Jersey.  This is after 1 year of I was introduced to janitorial maintenance bidding with property management companies like Jones Lang Lassale or governments.  I was going to mandatory walkthroughs at schools to qualify FMC to bid an Atlanta GA job contracts

At this point where I am invited to Philly, I am working as a full-time business analyst for  Conmed (a medical company) 

In training this August week at the old guy’s house in Pennsylvania. I used a flooring low-speed machine in his living room and on the job site; I learned about pricing; he gave me an excel sheet that had a pricing formula.  I got super lucky.

I take the information back to Atlanta and go to the library to get all Atlanta business chronicles to see what constructors are building in Atlanta.  I am looking to bid a project and complete the workload with my equipment,  but with the financial and contract knowledge support of FMC.

During this time I purchase a license to store the data I am gathering from newspaper and email contacts.  

On Oct 30, 2011, I am awarded 8 retail stores in 4 states that my only cleaning partner-FMC can clean. I value the commissions at $8,000, 

I take my previous excel analysis on operational cleaning company vs. broker, and light conversation notes from other mentors who have low-cost laborers, and have operational equipment required for their business.  

I invest $2,000 in a list of 2,500 construction companies from Reed Construction Data and build a sales system.  I call cleaning companies in major east coast cities, then move west emailing construction company accounts using templates sent out of  

For the first 15 months of brokering service. Oct 11’-March 13’, I operate under Glynn Group (the holding company I have used on other ventures).  so the construction or cleaning companies who I talked to couldn’t see anything about cleaning or construction on the web. 

Created brand Construction Clean Partners for systemizing and scaling. For the first $430,000 commissions earned, we focus on building an internal sales system with the thought on systemizing for duplication (franchise model).  In April 2015 we will run out of lead sources for our cleaning partner network. We need to implement online marketing, SEO content list building strategies, Facebook ads to increase our so important cleaning partner network.  

End of update 2016

2011 to 2016 timeline