What do I ask during my post construction cleaning  site visit with the superintendent?

Making the site visit with the superintendent is a very important process to winning a post construction construction cleaning contract.  You get to meet the person you will be working with daily; the manager all subcontractors on the job site. (Xanax)

You may wonder what is okay to ask during the site visit?  If the project manager and superintendent are different people, always tell the superintendent that the project manager has sent you to the site to confirm the scope.

These are just a few good questions to ask when making a site visit, using these base questions will give you a better idea of how to confirm an amount to charge.  Keeping an eye on site organization and stress level of everyone on site is also a price adjuster.  High level of stress means that the job is being rushed and it will be harder/ more expensive for you as the last trade to finish.

How many other cleaning companies are bidding?

How much time do you think it will take us to clean?

How many laborers do you need on site?

What is the time schedule that we are able to work, will it nights or day time?

Will other trades be working with us, example painters in the next room or same room with us?

Do you know the budget allotted for the cleaning?

For us to win this, how much should we charge?  ( see what we think about pricing here)

How many coats of wax do you need on this VCT flooring?

What is the square footage of space that we will be responsible for cleaning?

Do we need to clean each space only once or 3 times?  Rough, final, and fluff clean? (Understand the normal phasing schedules here )

Can we use your lift to clean the high areas? Or can we be put in contact with that subcontractor who has the lift on site?

Should we copy you on the proposal submittal, or just send to your project manager?

The superintendent usually has the large set of architectural drawings/ specs for the building that is being constructed.  You can always look at this together and confirm the square footage


When walking around the site with the super; point items out, “are we cleaning this, are we cleaning that?”

Well happy site visiting