Estimate the price for your construction cleaning bid and Generate your Proposal Automatically

Use this calculator to calculate a bid amount and estimate costs that fits your business needs and guarantee profitability.

Start your estimate at no cost, and explore our calculator and proposal generator.

How It Works

Construction Cleanup Pricing Calculator

Estimate the price and cost of your bidding projects.

Estimate a winning bid amount

Enter building square footage, add your state, and choose a project type.

Configure cost and profit

Predict labor cost, job overhead cost, and total project profit amount.

Save estimates

Save Projects/Pricing models to use as a template for your next project.

Estimate the cost of payroll and overhead expenses based on proposed bid amount.  We use accurate pricing models to make your bidding easier. 

Benefits and features.

Calculate winning bid amounts

See the math behind the price for your construction cleaning price estimates. Price per state and project building types,

Quick and accurate

All you need is square footage, our calculation will get you in the door with an estimator or project manager.  Breakout rough, final, fluff clean prices.

Predict costs & profits

See and analyze expected payroll costs,  Number of days you will be on site working,  profit per day and your overhead expense.

Save Estimates

Save your estimate to quickly review good pricing and bad pricing models.   Modify, Delete, or Create Proposal.