Mobilization Definitions

Rough Clean

First possible mobilization, performed as a prerequisite to final cleaning. The least common phasing mobilization; laborers employed by construction company can complete scope with no special equipment or attention to detail. Heavy amount of dirt, light drywall, and paint may be removed and, or hauled to a dumpster.

Final clean/ Builders clean

Mobilized after all finishes are installed. This mobilization shall provide a detailed cleaning of all interior building suitable for final (“white glove”) inspection and acceptance by Contractor, Owner or its agents. May involve redoing various aspects of rough cleaning operations.

Floor machines are used, windows are cleaned, and surfaces are shined. Other trades completing their scope while cleaning company is starting.

Fluff Clean/ Re Clean sparkle

The last mobilization and is completed after punch list. This clean is a light clean to remove extra dust and floor marks created from punch list activities. Same scope items from final clean are completed.

Memoirs of a rough clean

We were scheduled and arrived to perform a “rough clean”; at which point we learned we were expected to clean without power in the building and without water. On this occasion every bathtub contained sawdust, sheet rock mud and dust, paint over spray, debris of paper, plastic, and metal, AND had been used as a urinal. But there was no running water in the building with which to clean. And no direct light in the windowless bathrooms.

Expected to run our electrical tools on 300 feet of extension cords, even though another crew was pressure washing the breezeways and we couldn’t run the cords during the hours they were working.

Memoirs of a final- fluff clean

We were told that each unit would be locked after we cleaned it so it would stay clean, but that didn’t happen.
We were told other trades behind us would clean up after themselves in the units we had already cleaned. That did not happen either.
In fact other trades were constantly working in the same units that we were in, and in the units we had already cleaned.