Email templates for post construction cleanup sales

Submitting a proposal

No site visit

Email to project manager– We have not made a scope confirmation site visit at

[job lead name]

yet, but we have completed very similar projects. We have attached our final clean quote for your review.

Yes site visit has been made

Email to project manager– We made a site visit at [job lead name], we now fully understand the scope. The attached proposal should fit in your budget, what are your thoughts?

Scheduling a site visit

Email to superintendent– [First name],we are working on the final clean proposal for [job lead name], we would like to visit your job site this or next week. Can you confirm the best time for us arrive for a quick walk around the site together.

No phone for project manager

Email to project manager– [First name], we plan to submit a final clean price for [job lead name] ,can you share your cell number to talk about scope and your budget?

Email to superintendent– We’re aware {project manager name} is working on [job lead name]. However, we do not have the direct phone number to contact. We know you are on site and plan to visit you, any bad days?

No street name

Email to project manager– [First name], We plan to visit [job lead name] to confirm the scope and a price so we can submit a final clean proposal to you. Can you confirm the street number?

Email to superintendent– [First name], We are [30] minutes from [city], we want to come visit your site to confirm the final clean scope and price. What is the street address we can use to reach your site ? [project manager name] is looking to receive a final clean proposal.

No estimate amount

Email to project manager– [First name], we plan to submit a final clean proposal for [job lead name], can you share the architectural drawings with us?

Email to superintendent– If we come by your site next week, is this good for you. We want to see the flooring installed and paint on walls when we walk the site. Do you have the drawings on site?

No super on site

Email to project manager– We would like to visit [job lead name] to confirm a final clean scope and price, but we do not have your superintendent name and cell number.

No super on site phone number

Email to project manager-[First name],we know your superintendent is [first name super on site], but we are missing the cell phone number. Can you share the cell for [first name super on site].

Email to superintendent-[first name super on site], [First name] is looking for a final clean price and we want to make a site visit with you to confirm the scope. What is your cell phone number so we can schedule a time to visit?

Email to project manager

karl, I think you are still the project manager for PROJECTNAME.  Can we still submit a final clean proposal for you to choose from?  Can we visit your site next week?

Email to superintendent and you know project manager name

Carl, can we come by PROJECTNAME this or next week to confirm a final clean price?

We think you are still the super on site and do not have a cleaning company under contract.  

Email to project manager or site contact following up on a proposal submitted

Gerry, we submitted a final clean bid for PROJECTNAME can we be awarded the cleaning contract.  the amount $4533  CleanCoUSALLC

Email to project manager, no street address

Gerry, Its Aduvie with Construction Clean Partners. We think the final clean contract is still available at PROJECTNAME.  The city is JACKSONCITY, 

Can we visit the job site to price the clean up this or next week?  What is the street address?  

Email to project manager asking to visit site 

Tyler, can we visit your job site PROJECTNAME to confirm a final clean price and scope, then submit a clean proposal for you to choose from? 

Email to project manager following up on the proposal submitted 

Erin, we emailed you this final clean proposal for PROJECTNAME on 1/7/2020, hoping you already starred the email and printed the proposal and will award GlowCleaningPlusLLC the cleaning contract