Facebook for construction

My goal in sharing the Facebook directory with you is to provide you a new technique to find more construction job lead opportunities.   You should know all the companies you want to sell to and the directory can give you a quick way to socially connect.

And today, we start with a look at “how to find the accounts who work in your state?” 

  • Open the directory, the first state/ province AB stands for Alberta Canada.  85% of the directory are companies in the USA.   
  • Scroll down to the abbreviation of the states you work in
  • Click on every Facebook page for companies that have a headquarter office in your state or surrounding state
  • Follow each page so their posts appear on your Facebook personal wall

This is a source of a construction job leads from Facebook

Once you have liked and followed the company pages that work in your working region
You will start receiving posts on your personal Facebook wall when the construction company creates a post
But you will miss many posts because you are not on Facebook 24hrs and Facebook determines what you can see, (advertising)

Realistically you may see 50% of the posts for all the companies you just followed from the Facebook directory
out of that 50%, half will be new job lead opportunities.  So maybe you get 2 new job leads per day from your own Facebook wall, scrolling while looking at your friend’s gossip and coworkers pictures, these jobs will be in progress

f you just watch your Facebook wall and wait for $1,000,000 of free Facebook post job leads to come, you may wait for a while
To see all the posts and not miss a free job lead, you must visit the companies Facebook wall

Go to their company page and scroll down looking for keywords (breaking ground) and images (men in a hard hat on a construction site), take the information out of Facebook . ex (job name, primary contacts, location, image)

For you to see all the pages you want to do business with, use the directory and LIKE each page, solely following will not do.

So you have liked the pages of companies you want to do business with, and you are starting to see new buildings on your wall (job leads)
now what is next !?

You have to call or email a contact name from the post, 
but how do your get that contacts (you see the name in this post) phone number
you can call the office and ask for that person , or ask the administrator who is the project manager for “project abc”
you can get the phone number for the office from the Facebook directory

great you found the project manager and he says, “yes please submit a bid”

Where do you store the job name and make sure you know this project manager is managing this project?
Is this in your notepad?
or on an excel sheet?