How to price post construction cleaning

When it comes to starting a cleanup project, the last thing you want to stress over is how to charge your customer. This quick guide can help you determine the right price for your project.  Calculate your own winning bid prices on our calculator.

Before determining prices, it is important to calculate costs and manpower needed. The average full cleanup workday is eight hours long with four laborers . Depending on scope, a full cleanup workday can cost between $750 and $1,200.  You can ask the superintendent or project manager “How many days do you think it will take us to clean?”   

With $7,000 being the average clean price. I use this in pricing per day, if 7 or under days, its $1,000 per day.  6 days on the site expected, $6,000.

If 10 days on the site, then i divide by 2.  so 12 days on site is $6,000.  With the ideology the larger the place, the more productive your team can be.

To accurately calculate project pricing cost versus your estimated cost, use this project estimator tool.

All cleanup opportunities with Construction Clean Partners are quoted at $0.25 per square foot, unless the project is union or Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage.

Once you’ve determined pricing, you can prepare to submit your proposal. The proposal document generator will save your company time and money.

Download the above Pricing Guide Here 

66% of projects will be under $5,000

16 % will be between $5,000 and $10,000

80% of the projects in construction clean are under $10,000

The most common contract amount is $7,300

1 out of every 10 projects are between $10,000 and $20,000

Projects over $20,000 happen only 3% of all projects you will win

Warning:  Pricing from the plans can be dangerous, or pricing without a site visit.  You may be able to see the square footage, but you are not sure of the height in certain areas,  how much will that lift cost?

If you are going to price from the plans at the bidding of a project, stay below 25 cents , so your proposal can be attract , to keep the interest of the estimator or the project manager.   Then once you get notification that the project manager wants to award you the cleanup contract, you can than negotiate, ask to make a site visit, and talk about mobilization details.