Thanks for checking out the Construction Industry LinkedIn directory 2017.  Here is the directory again if you have misplaced it. Download here.

My goal for sharing the  LinkedIn directory is to provide you with new techniques to win contracts and approaches for adding new job opportunities to your sales system, while being efficient as possible. 

The basics of the guide, how to reach LinkedIn pages.

  • Every company builds vertical buildings, general contractors who hire vendors
  • The list is segmented by the main office state location
  • Every company has a LinkedIn page that you can click on and reach the company LinkedIn page.
  • The phone number is the main office number

What do I do when I reach their LinkedIn page.

  • Scroll down their page and look for breaking of ground pictures
  • You are looking for pictures and key words that tell you a project is starting
  • You are not interested in completed projects, or project award notifications (2017 best project of year).
  • Make sure you are logged into your LinkedIn account, and “follow” your prospective customer 

Winning the job you found on LinkedIn

You see that Turner Construction broke ground on a new project in your city 5 weeks ago.  Now what do you do?

  • Sometimes Turner will list the primary contacts in the post. Example.  Superintendent Jimmy is doing a great job on Nike Headquarters  , or Billy, Winston, and Weston are pictured here at the subcontractor meeting, they are managing the McDonalds on Akron Street.
  • If there are no contacts in the post, you can call the phone number from the LinkedIn Directory and ask “who is the project manager?”