Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee- Terms and Conditions

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee- Terms and Conditions.  CCP Network

Construction Clean Partners will, upon the customer’s request and subject to the restrictions described below, provide a refund of the premium paid by the customer for not making 3 site visits per 3 month period

CCP Network money-back guarantee (“the Guarantee”) is subject to the following conditions:

The Guarantee applies to all CCP Network Members

Customer must wait 90 days after join date to receive refund.(initial pay date for Membership)

To request refund, your company can not have made 3 site visits from CCP notifications

Refund is paid to original customer payment card or new card on file

If a customer has an extremely negative experience with Construction Clean Partners, the loss or delay of which may result in consequential damages, the customer must contact his own insurance agent or broker to insure against such risks, as Construction Clean Partners does not assume such liabilities. Construction Clean Partners does not provide and will not arrange such insurance.

Example if you cancel before 90 days

You join CCP Network on March 23.  You cancel on June 15, you will not receive job notifications on June 16. Your 90 day period is over June 21.  Your return payment would be processed on June 22.  Commissions from awarded jobs are still due to CCP if Member cancels at anytime.