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A Few Tips, Opinions

  • A full cleaning work day on a construction site includes 4 laborers at 8 Hrs. per day. One day of work can be billed between $750 and $1,200 depending on scope.  Pricing actually varies per project type; scope and mobilization requirements do differ
  • Download this post construction cleanup pricing guide HERE
  • Our service is to provide leads to you, but if we do not have any and you have many leads coming to your inbox  we can put our pricing algorithm to work for you, we can price leads you have from other systems. Learn more here
  • When we share project details with you, the price we create is also a rough estimate at ./25 cents per sf.. If you need to fully understand your cost to calculate the most accurate number , download this formula sheet
  • We believe in pre qualifying with  all General Contractors, so we can get on their bid list to receive public and negotiated invitation to bids.  See that process HERE
  • When we first starting building our database , we gathered all the Builders Exchange Membership contact information, thinking we can get project leads from this source,  We were wrong, but here is that list anyway
  • We do not purchase leads; we have built our own custom sales system
  • Pre Bid site visit with the superintendent allows you to see the conditions of the project, maybe the building is already neat, and your proposal price can be lower. Site visit is unnecessary, but highly recommended by the project manager.  The site visit allows you to meet the superintendent face to face, which increases the chance of being awarded.  In construction cleaning you want to visit the site closest to project completion to view how the site will look when you clean.
  • Final cleaning is the last scope to be purchased on a construction site, other trades are commonly working under and above your crew.  You are waxing and Painters walk in your wet wax, Vacuumed the floors and Electricians leave wrappers on ground. This is nothing you can stop and must expect other trades to work with you.  Commonly you are working during punch list times, so trades are fixing what the architect did not approve.  Change Orders is the name of this game.  Have the superintendent sign off on rooms when complete or have a super sign for extra man hours for re cleaning.  Then you email that sheet to the project manager for official approval.  Do not let the superintendent get away with making you re clean for free.  Change orders early is the only way to not be burnt on re cleans because of other trades on site.

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