Our 3 systems

We have 3 systems, I built the information system based in salesforce.com and engineer the automation vision.  I create objects and their fields,, relating objects to allow us to sell, and manage the input of all data (mostly manual). My system development( Sept 2011-Dec 2014 )  includes $288,000 commission, $35,000 user expense (outbound calls, sending sf template emails, list building, segmenting accounts, filling fields) ,$18,000 in CRM hard systems cost.  My product has no automation and needs code to remove man-hours. In January of 2015 we upgrade our sf licenses to Enterprise, I hire on Odesk to implement visualforce code to automate my manual information system.  As of March 29, 2016, we have been able to duplicate the USA system and implement the same system into Canada and UK. We have 2-3 Indian contractors working in our sandbox writing code to automate manual processes.

Softs systems (finance, training-employment, content management, vendor qualification, and the most important soft system- cleaning partner network) connect with the information system.  People system. 

Hard systems complete this 3 ring connection to make the sales system. The salesforce.com licenses, all the managed external applications integrated into salesforce, phone systems to stay connected, employee time management, accounting system, document creation, and google apps ( leasing another company product)

Our daily systems / hard systems/ equipment

Salesforce.comhouse our data we collect and carry out sales process- Customer relationship management
IhanceKeep track of all inbound emails in salesforce.com
GeopointeMapping-Relate partners to projects by distance
Conga ComposerMerge words into word or excel documents.  Hit a button and a change order is created with all project details
Cirrus FilesStore documents inside salesforce.com with google drive folders for sharing with customers
RingCentralVOIP Phone system, E-fax, and Internal meeting/training
Google Apps for WorkEmails, Google Drive, Google Analytics
Pdffiller.comwrite on pdf (create certified payroll weekly sheets, markup scope of works)
Time DoctorEmployee time tracking
FreshbooksInvoicing and journal entries (accounting)
Microsoft OnlineWord and Excel

Not using anymore

Data.comimport any company and or contact from any company in many countries
Wp Curveminor wordpress website editions
Quickbooks OnlineInvoicing and journal entries (accounting)
DripAutomated email marketing