General FAQs

Q: I can’t find the square foot of the building I am quoting. What should I do to come up with a price?
A: Call the project manager or superintendent and ask them for the size of the building. The Calculator has an option to select small, medium, or large get you closer to a winning bid amount.   

Q: Can I change my estimate at a later time?

A: Yes, you can save each estimate and go back to edit the calculate bid amount form along with being able to edit the cost & profit form.  Or you can change the project name and keep the project type selection, plus the state selection, and change the sq ft size for quicker bidding.

Q: Can I share my estimate?
A: Currently, there is no method to share or download the breakdowns of bid amount and cost & profit. You can transfer your bid amount estimate and create a proposal, then download the proposal.  State, Project type, Project name, and Bid amount transfer to the proposal form. 

Q: Can I customize the starter figures for my calculator?

A: Currently you cannot change the default starting figures inside the calculator.  But you can save a project/pricing model and go back to that model to start with your ideal figures.  Maybe you always work 5 people and only 5 hour shifts.  You can save this model and have price easier.   

Q: Can I import the plans for you to take off the square foot and number of stories?
A: The Calculator is a software as a service solution that produces winning bid amounts for commercial building construction projects.  The final clean scope is the last scope that services a new construction site.  You need to take off the square foot and enter the number into the calculator, if you know the number of stories, input this to help get a accurate price including the exterior window cleaning.