Getting started

This section gives a walk-through of the Construction Clean Pricing Calculator features to help you understand how to use the Construction Clean Pricing Calculator to generate estimates for your needs.

Using the Construction Clean Pricing Calculator

The Pricing Calculator consists of 4 major console pages.

This page links to key resources. For example, this user guide, FAQs, and pricing assumptions.

Calculator Bid amount form

You navigated to the calculate bid amount page when you begin creating an estimate. This page has the calculator for estimating a bid amount using details about your bidding project. You need the square foot size of the building to start estimating. State applies a different price per square foot depending on the average employee labor rate . Building project type can increase or decrease the sq. ft price based on the normal scope of work per each project type. Select a 3 phase clean or price only the final clean scope. If the building is more than 1 story, you should add more to your price to clean windows and any high interior dusting. You can enter the number of apartment units per 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms and get an accurate bid amount.

Bid amount result

View the bid amount from the data in the calculator form. The red and green arrow allow you to increase the bid amount quickly without changing any fields on the form. Sq.ft price is listed, along with the rough clean amount, final clean amount, and fluff clean amount.


Cost & profit form

The average crew size is 4 laborers, you can increase or decrease this amount, which will affect the payroll amount.  If you do not see your crew working 8 hours, lower this daily working hours amount to result in an accurate cost prediction. Hourly rate is selected based on the state average labor rate, you can change this number your actual pay rate. You can not directly edit the Number of days you should expect to be on the job site. This is determined by the average day rate of about $1,200.


Cost & profit result 

Project profit amount is the bottom line, how much money you should make from this bid amount. Project labor cost is your highest expense as a cleaning company, how many people worked daily and how many hours and how much did each person get paid per hour. Job overhead costs include- Meals, Fuel, Supervisor, Supplies, Materials.

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