Tenant Fitout

Office renovation
interior windows, no exterior window cleaning
small vct area in kitchen
carpet in office area
no cubicles installed yet

Awarded Projects To Date –
Tenant Fitout

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
MIHS 4th Floor-Phoenix 1500.00 Sdb, Inc. AZ 9/24/2013
itt tech- fitout 3500.00 ARCO / MURRAY NV 4/16/2014
Gopher Resource 900.00 Langer Construction MN 4/16/2014
IUH State Clinic 3600.00 Keystone Construction Corporation IN 5/14/2014
Office TI- Columbia blvd 1500.00 Perlo Construction OR 11/20/2013
Pueblo VA CBOC 10500.00 The Neenan Company Lllp CO 4/30/2013
Fisherman's Wharf Hilton 2500.00 CONTINENTAL CONTRACTORS CA 10/9/2013
Office Building-Tenant Outfit 2900.00 ADVANCED DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION DC 6/12/2013
Ecuador Embassy 5530.00 Patner Construction DC 5/22/2013
Sidney Yates Building 29536.00 Grunley Construction Co., Inc. DC 11/7/2013
OPA- gsa project- tenant Outfit 1300.00 Waynesboro Construction VA 10/31/2012
Restaurant Depot remodel 1575.00 OLIVER HATCHER CONSTRUCTION MD 3/13/2014
Lake Charles Civic Center Rosa Hart Theater Improvements Part II 4400.00 Pat Williams Construction LA 3/4/2014
PPG – Harmar 22149.00 Massaro Construction Group PA 5/27/2014
Regus #1881 @ One West Court Square 1150.00 Contract Builders GA 11/2/2012
Internap ACS 12100.00 Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc. GA 9/14/2012
Warshauer Law Offices 1760.00 Lichty Commercial Construction, Inc. GA 5/30/2014
fulcrum office renovation 2043.00 Fulcrum Construction GA 8/26/2014
Kuberre 1150.00 VANTAGE BUILDERS INC MA 10/22/2013
office TI-Cambridge 2700.00 Siena Construction Corporation MA 1/21/2014
Phase #1 GI Area at Building #133-Lovell FHCC in N. Chicago 5000.00 Blue Yonder IL 9/2/2014
CGH Medical Center Emergency Department ph1 2900.00 Lamp Incorporated IL 4/4/2014

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