What is a Construction Cleanup Pricing Calculator?

The Construction Clean Pricing Calculator is a web-based tool that you can use to create estimates for your post construction cleaning bids. This calculator creates a pricing model to help you win jobs at your ideal profit margin. Explore the options to create an accurate bid amount. Then, review the cost and profit prediction behind your bid amount. This calculator helps you plan how much money you will spend, find your pricing sweet point, and make informed decisions.

The Construction Clean Pricing Calculator is a useful tool for those who need help winning more bids. It’s also useful for those who need a place to store previous projects bid. You don’t need any experience with construction cleaning to know how to price with our calculator, you only need the building square footage.

Features of Construction Clean Pricing Calculator

With Construction Clean Pricing Calculator, you can do the following tasks:

  • View transparent prices – See the calculations behind the prices for your estimate. You can view price estimates from square footage or from Number of Units.
  • Use building project types – Change the project type of your bidding project to increase or decrease the square foot price to clean this project type.  
  • Save your estimates – Save the bid amount estimate and cost & profit prediction to review, edit, or create a proposal.