What is construction cleaning?

You can never appreciate the curb appeal of your newly built home unless it’s properly cleaned. That’s where a professional construction cleaning service comes into play. From cleaning all the mess to restoring the lost shine, they make your new home all-set to throw a welcome party. While thinking of one, it’s always better to have a construction cleaning checklist to know what these cleaners do for your home.

What Does This Article Include?

In this article, we’ve covered everything from what construction clean-up consists of to how much it costs. Continue reading if you want relief from all the fuss about cleaning your place that looks like a bomb site after construction.

What does Construction Cleaning consist of?

Before we begin, let us first get a quick overview of what construction site cleaning is. As the name says, it’s a simple clean-up process, performed once the construction of your site is done. No one would want to see a house turned into a battlefield, just because of not cleaning it the right way.

Since construction cleaning is more than just scrubbing off the dirt, it takes place in three steps as discussed below. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can go with all 3 or skip any after consulting with your construction site cleaning service. With that said, let’s head on to discuss what construction cleaning consists of, construction cleaning tools, and how much it costs.

3 Phases of Construction Cleaning


1.   Rough Cleaning

It is the primary step that prepares the location for deep cleaning in the following steps: It should be done right after construction so that the build-up, dust, debris, and other left-overs of the construction can be removed. In this step, the cleaning experts make sure your site is free from debris and good-to-go for the next cleaning step. With that, they also make sure the installations are well-secured to undergo further cleaning.

What is the normal final cleaning scope?

1. Sweeping floors

2. Wiping stains

3. Cleaning dust and debris

4. Washing windows

5. Prepping the carpets and floors.

6. Removing scraps and leftovers.

2.   Final Interior Cleaning

Once the basic cleaning is done, it’s time to deep clean your house, especially in the interiors. Usually, final construction cleaning is performed in specific spaces, including rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, tiles, cabinetry, etc.

During this phase, the crew spends sufficient time checking the installation with simple techniques so you don’t run into any problems in the future. The more the installations will be, the higher will be the cost of the final construction cleaning.

What Does Final Construction Cleaning Consist Of?

1. Securing ceilings

2. Using cleaning solution to remove scuff marks and smudges

3. Buffing and waxing of floors

4. Vacuuming carpets

5. Wiping windows from both sides.

3.   Exterior Clean

Last comes the exterior clean, which is very essential to prep your house for furnishings and other decorations. It is the most detailed phase of construction site cleaning as the cleaning professionals examine every corner of the house. Since the basic cleaning has already been done, this step mainly aims to apply materials that prevent the build-up of dust and debris on the surfaces.

Along with cleaning, the experts also take care of extra safety to save you from expensive repairs and maintenance. They cover everything from cleaning the bulbs and switches to draining out gutters and backsplashes. You can also request them to add more jobs depending on your home needs, for which they’ll charge extra.

What Does Exterior Construction Cleaning Consist Of?

1. Waxing and buffing the blemished floors

2. Removing scratches and scuffs from spaces

3. Cleaning, Revamping, and Maintaining the windows

4. Cleaning home appliances

5. Washing the backsplash/splash

6. Clearing out trash

7. Cleaning bricks, lumber, and gutters

8. Power washing all the dirty surfaces

Construction Cleaning Checklist

Now that you know what construction cleaning consists of, the next step is to make a construction cleaning checklist. With its help, you can get a quick overview of all the cleaning jobs performed by the construction cleaners.

A good rule of thumb is to be clear of your needs in the cleaning checklist, so the service only charges you for what you require. Although we have mentioned all the cleaning steps above, you can also quickly check it here.

Dusting the floorsIncluded
Removing Dust And DebrisIncluded
Cleaning Windows sillsAdditional
Taking Out ScrapsIncluded
Sweeping The FloorsIncluded
Washing The StainsIncluded
Washing the backsplashAdditional
Vacuuming The CarpetAdditional
Remove dust from light bulbsIncluded
Cleaning Ceiling FansIncluded
Cleaning doorsIncluded
Washing Driveways and Paved SurfacesAdditional
Cleaning AppliancesAdditional
Waxing or buffing The FloorsIncluded
Clearing ducts, vents, and baseboard heating exchangesAdditional
Removing Scuffs And MarksIncluded


Without a doubt, construction cleaners play a massive role in turning your messy place into a praise-worthy home in which you can start living anytime. It’s definitely wise to call a construction site cleaning service to professionally perform deep cleaning rather than wasting your precious hours.

If you still have second doubts, read some of the common questions about construction cleaning services that most people ask.

FAQ’s About Construction Cleaning

1.   How much does a professional construction cleaning cost?

The cost of construction cleaning differs depending on several factors, including your home space, labor used, tools required, the condition of the property, site location, etc. Therefore, the best practice is to discuss all your needs with the best construction site cleaning service that has an impressive reputation in the market. However, here is an overview of the estimated costs of individual construction cleaning to get a rough idea.

Cleaning StepEstimated Cost
Rough Pass$0.7-$0.25 per sq ft
Final pass$0.50 $0.75 per sq ft
Window Cleaning$5-$10 per window
Carpet Cleaning$100-$150
HVAC Cleaning$200-$500
Floor Waxing$1-$2

On average, construction site cleaning of residential places may cost as minimum as $250 to a maximum of $500, depending on your individual needs. To save some bucks, you can also hire construction cleaners on an hourly basis and pay accordingly.

2.   How Long Does It Take To Clean A New Construction House?

Several factors decide the time it takes to clean a newly constructed house, but the size of the property matters the most. The bigger the cleaning space you have, the longer it takes for the cleaning crew to complete the job.

Most construction site cleaning services consist of 4-5 people in a single crew who can cover 100-200 sq ft in 1 hour. So, a regular construction cleaning should not take more than 2 days unless you have special requirements that cost extra time and money.


3.    What does a construction site cleaner do?

A construction site cleaner uses special cleaning tools and extraordinary cleaning skills to clean the house professionally and secure it for living. They cover everything from manual cleaning, brushing, dusting, and sweeping to using advanced cleaning technologies during the cleaning job.

A good construction site cleaning service should be professional in what they do, affordable, and quick enough to get the job done right. When it comes to how much construction cleaning costs, they are very reasonable and charge based on how much effort, time, and crew it takes.

4.   How To Choose The Best Professional Construction Cleaning Service?

There’s no trick to hiring the best professional construction site cleaning service that does hassle-less cleaning. To find one, you’ve got to do your homework of evaluating the different perks and privileges of a minimum of 3-5 best construction cleaning services.

Next, compare each other in terms of services, price, reputation, and reviews on the internet. Schedule a meeting with the professional cleaning service which meets your requirements best and discuss your needs with them.

5.   Is post-construction cleaning hard?

Simply put, post-construction clean-up involves cleaning a place after the construction. It’s also called after-construction cleaning as the professional cleaners give a deep intense clean to reduce all remnants of construction.

What Does a Post-Construction Clean-up Crew Do?

  1. Deep-cleaning
  2. Floor vacuuming
  3. Surface polishing
  4. Removing adhesives
  5. Cleaning appliances
  6. Cleaning vents
  7. Carrying ductwork

Speaking of how much post-construction clean-up costs, it depends on the complexity of the cleaning and the number of cleaning tasks included.


Whether you want to live in your newly constructed home or sell it to real estate, getting your home cleaned by a professional construction site cleaning service is a must. A proper construction cleaning consists of everything from rough cleaning to final interior and exterior cleaning. The best part of hiring a construction cleaner is that they don’t cost a jackpot but only a few bucks for your home’s beauty. 

We hope this article about construction cleaning will kick off all your doubts and help you choose the best construction cleaning for your newly renovated or constructed home. If you need more guidance, stay tuned to our blog, as we have many interesting things about construction site cleaning on the list.