What Should a Final Clean Proposal Include

The scope of work is important for construction cleaning proposals. Commercial general contractors need to understand the you know what you are doing on the job site. Many smaller builders and remodelers may not care if you write out a scope of work. They do not see the value in properly formatted documentation. A well-constructed scope of work on your cleaning proposal can be the difference between winning and losing a project.

This document will discuss why a well written and well formatted construction cleaning proposals are important.

Construction cleaning proposal 

You need a proposal with a signature space that serves as a formal contract if needed. This proposal can be a guarantee of scope of work priced, and a presentation of your Company’s capabilities to promote and sell your cleaning business effectively.

It’s much more comprehensive than a bid and can help keep everyone on the same page during construction. A well-done cleaning proposal is a safeguard, in case you must reference the scope of work and what is expected from the job. A comprehensive task list should be provided in the construction cleaning proposal. It ensures that the task stays on course.

We suggest looking at construction cleaning proposal softwares as a starting point. Beginning with CleanupProposal, you can select between 20+ different scopes of work to make a more detailed proposal. You must ensure that your particular proposals are presented professionally, regardless of your chosen building project type.

Important Points for Construction Cleaning Proposal:

Include these things in your template for a construction proposal:

  • Project name
  • Project address
  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Bid amount
  • Project contacts (construction company and your company)
  • Building project type
  • Scope of work

In order to gain the interest and attention of estimators and project managers, your proposal needs to be clean and the price needs to be low!

Clarified Work Scope 

Put a lot of effort and intelligent work into this, and include as much information as possible about your scope of work. As was mentioned earlier, if your scope of work isn’t precise enough, you might end up doing things that weren’t originally agreed upon.

If you use Square or Quickbooks to create your construction cleaning proposals, you may miss our on including a detailed scope of work, the words “construction cleaning” is not good enough for a big time project manager or estimator. These smart guys need to see a matching scope of work in the proposal for their project.

Cost Estimation 

You must ensure that your bid amount accounts for every single aspect of the project. You must include all direct expenses, such as allowances, the quantity takeoff, tools, labor (including subcontractors), and construction materials, in your calculation. It is also critical to consider indirect expenditures such as operating expenses and office rent. You can list these all in a lump sum. The customer does not need a breakdown. Unless the general contractor ask, and we have a “scope of work broke out” template for that!

Information about the customer 

Your construction proposal should include your client’s names and their related contact information. This must be spelled correctly and without errors. An estimator or project manager will look at the contacts involved and know if your company is organized and detailed oriented.

In addition, the cleaning proposal templates list the construction company address and your company address for easy contract creation.

The Payment Schedule 

In the building construction industry you need to be familiar with the term “paid when paid”. It means, you do not get paid until we get paid. The owner pays the general contractor then the GC pays you as the cleaning subcontractor. This is normally a monthly cycle. Net 30, you submit an invoice and the invoice is paid 30 days later.

Of course, there are times that your check does come faster than 30 days. Deposits to cleaning companies is very rare, do not expect a commercial general contractor to pay you any money before you are done with your scope of work.

Time Frames of Operation 

A start date and end date is so hard to determine, in construction, delays happen and especially at the end. Punch list, owners walking, stressed out superintendents, weather, supply chain. These things can all affect the start or end of a project.

Potential Issues

  • Pricing the job too low
  • Starting too early while too many other trades are working with you, while you are trying to clean
  • Not knowing how to properly clean dusty LVT flooring
  • Not having a clean, organized proposal


After you are awarded a contract, make sure you insurance broker gets the insurance certificate back to the general contractor. Then call the superintendent to confirm the cleaning start date, stay on top of the super, the schedule will change and you do not want to mobilize too early. Call the office and ask who is the accounts payable person. Now you are ready to continue to mobilize!

Changes and Additions 

Change orders are not easy, the general contractor has a budget and they have you under contract for the original contract amount. No one wants to hear about you issues and you wanting more money. We do have a change order template that you should print out and bring to each job site, have your job site superintendent write change order items and have the construction company superintendent initial that the work was done and needed. Then you can email that signed change order to the project manager.

Suggestions for Putting Together a Winning Proposal 

You will be well on your way to securing your next contract if you produce personalized proposals that are precise and clear, including all the necessary information to demonstrate your business.

To attract more potential customers, use a software the helps your cleaning business create proposals quickly and accurately.

·      Give each of your proposals a unique touch.

Utilizing a template created by professionals significantly improves the quality of a cleaning proposal. Finding a free template for a construction cleanup proposal, personalizing it with your Company’s colors and logo, and including a detailed scope of work is good start.

·      Concentrate on the project building type. 

If you know what type of building you are bidding, its get much easier to create a scope of work for your bid. No matter how insignificant, don’t forget any details. Provide your customers with reliable, precise, and straightforward information.

Use a construction cleanup proposal template to ensure you don’t forget anything.

·      Verify the accuracy of your data.

Ensure all information is accurate to avoid losing bids and damaging your reputation. Errors can lead to mistrust between contractor and customer.

Use Estimating Software when Writing Proposals

As mentioned, CleanupProposal is an essential part of any cleaning company that needs to submit bids to commercial construction companies. When there are deadlines, speed is necessary. If you use cloud-based estimating software, you can complete the task around 80% faster than if done by hand.

Each cleaning proposal that you create should be kept in one place so that you can quickly access it from anywhere with an internet connection. When creating a proposal for a new construction project, you can also save it and access the proposal whenever you want.


With us, you can save time, grow your business, and make money simultaneously. Please arrange a live demonstration of CleanupProposal, or watch the demo here. Your next project and a potential customer requires a well written proposal.