CleanSnap and CCP commissions share job opportunities, just distributed in different ways.  CCP commissions calls for less time consumption from cleaning partner.  CleanSnap requires time to schedule a site visit and submit proposal, hence no commissions paid for awarded jobs.

When a project manager approves CCP to submit a final cleanup price, we list the job immediately on our CleanSnap application.  We also arrange a site visit for our single CCP member in the region.  50% of our jobs in which a pm says ” I need your price now, can you visit my super on site” and we do not have a commission member to connect.  So the super and pm continue to look for a new cleaning company.

For a small commission, Construction Clean Partners will make introductions with superintendents when the pm wants to buy the cleaning contract for a post construction cleaning contract,  we communicate by email, phone, and in the premium member platform  helping our cleaning partner

  •  Arrange site visits
  • Submitting proposals, change orders
  • Assist with work in progress tips

We contact the superintendent on your behalf and let them know your company’s name and contact information, so you can make a site visit and decide how much you are going to charge for the cleanup.

We save you time and help you win more contracts by presenting you with projects that are ready for a site visit and to be priced NOW.

CleanSnap is a construction cleaning job lead application you can use any time from your phone or computer, it provides you with all the information you need to submit a proposal (jobsite location, contact information, square footage, estimated contract price, etc), while leaving securing the contract to you.

  • schedule your own site visit with super
  • make introduction to pm and confirm that you are submitting proposal
  • submit your own proposal to project manager
  • follow up for your payment with pm and other admins who release payments

You are responsible for pursuing the contract, arranging a site visit for yourself, and building a relationship with the project manager. You can submit proposals on jobs over 500 miles away.  With CleanSnap there are no commissions to pay, so you earn more money.   All jobs listed on CleanSnap are within 6 months of contract time.  Using the CleanSnap application allows you to visit sites that have had a direct request from project managers for a final cleaning price.

Quarterly cost. plus 5-% 10% commission on awarded opportunities

Free membership.   Pay $1 per job plus  5-% 10% commission on awarded opportunities

Monthly cost.   0 commissions