Need help estimating your cleaning job bids?

For only $49.99 per month, a construction cleanup pricing expert will help you price up to 15 jobs per month.

construction clean estimating

You get job leads from any system or directly into your inbox, but not sure how to price the job to win and make money?

15 jobs per month, email us, we price, create a proposal with your company details, email back a proposal at a competitive but 40% profit margin target amount. 

You only have to have a job to bid, we will do the rest. (no commissions paid for awarded contracts)

  1. You have a job lead with the architectural plans accessible (you have your own quality leads)
  2. Give your estimating master partner access to the software with the leads you need priced
  3. Or email the project with plans to us
  4. We will confirm a price, create a proposal for your company
  5. You submit the cleaning proposal to your contact